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MLT-C13 Multi-Clamp
Multi Clamp allows clamping of all types of doors, panels, frames and shapes at any size. Glue-up almost any project with unlimited sides and contour angles. This clamp system can give the tightest miter or stile & rail door joints possible. Integrate it with multiple systems for unlimited clamping capacity. Use with or without its self squaring guide. The clamp is also useful for correcting slight off-angle miters or allows you to clamp an out of whack work piece for existing projects requiring it. Typical Clamping Uses Frames Joinery Boxes Panels Various Shapes Support System Push, Pull & Clamping System Temporary Fixture Support Tool Clamping System Features: Portable folding system that can be transported to any jobsite Mid section door/panel clamping for stiles & rails construction Clamping system for various shapes, octagons, triangles, oval, circular, rectangles & squares Self Squaring clamping guide add on Quickly interchangeable/interlocking for production use Eliminates bar clamps overlapping in typical cross clamping operations Optional ½" Socket drives for impact wrench fastening Flexible clamping for contour and ergonomic work pieces Push Pull Clamping System

MLT-C13 Multi-Clamp

  • Multi Purpose Bar Clamps Also used for Miters, Stile & Rail Door Construction Contour & Ergonomic Clamping Solution Slat wall docking for organization & space saving use
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