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SNB-CPL3 Metal Cutting CNC Plasma

The SKETCHNBUILD SNB-CPL3 Metal Plasma CNC Router comes with a 60" x 118"  maximum working area table and 100A power inverter. Whether you are routing artwork or cutting custom pieces; your overall production line will be more efficient, take less man hours and lower overall cost of doing business.
From steel, aluminum or zinc materials, with the SNB-CPL3 Metal Plasma CNC Router, your production line never stops.


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SNB-CPL3 Metal Cutting CNC Plasma

    • 100A Power supply
    • Automatic height adjuster
    • Work Area: 60"in x 118" in
    • STARTFIRE control system
    • FASTCAM nesting software
    • Stepper motor
    • Working voltage: (220V)/60Hz 3 Phase
    • Gross weight: 4000lbs
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