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The SNB-ST12 is a cost effective compact sliding table saw that comes with a dust extraction hood system and a metal control panelwhich houses its safety and power controls. The machine is an efficient solution built for any hobbyist, commercial or industrial application where a compact panel saw is needed.



  • Wider Duralumin sliding table is firm and durable
  • High Precision steel guide guarantees guide precision and endurance
  • Miter fence, adjustable from 30º to 135º with accurate degree scale.
  • Easily adjustable euro-style saw guard & dust hood with a 4" dust extraction port.
  • Includes scoring and main saw blades.
  • Electric lifting saw blade is easy for operating
  • Clear digital meter shows saw blade inclination angle
  • Over 5' of slide travel for crosscutting ripping!
  • Easy to operate & maintain.


International shipping rates to your country provided at check out.

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    • Table length: 60” inches
    • Gross cut capacity: 5ft
    • Dimension of sliding table: 60” x 14”
    • Max. Height of main saw blade:  3”
    • Tilted angle         0-45° or 90° (Option-See Below)
    • Main blade diameter: 250-300mm
    • Main spindle rotation speed: 4000/6000 RPM
    • Main motor power: 7HP
    • Scoring blade RPM: 8000 RPM
    • Scoring motor: 1.5HP
    • Scoring saw spindle bore: 20 mm
    • Scoring Blade Diameter: 120 mm
    • Overall dimension: x 124”L x 61”W 35”D
    • Weight  1256lbs
  • Note: All machine models are sold as 220v 50/60Hz 3-Phase.

    For Single Phase power, you have the option to purchase a "10HP Rotary Phase Converter"  in the "POWER OPTIONS" above.

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